The future of work

KUD Mreža (SI), Projekthaus Potsdam-Babelsberg (GE), Zaaigrond filmproductions (NL) and artists Julij Borstnik (SI) and Abel Heijkamp (NL) received funding from European Cultural Fund (ECF) to start a collaborative documentary project “The Future of Work”.

The collaborative documentary project “The Future of Work” will focus on the challenges of the European labour market in three countries: Slovenia, Germany and the Netherlands. What are the changes in the contemporary strategies of doing business? What does it mean to be flexible? In what conditions will we work in the future? The first episode, All flex, was finished in 2016.

The project is a result of a discussion between an artist from The Netherlands Abel Heijkamp and an artist from Slovenia Julij Borštnik. They will look into the differences and similarities in work related changes between the former country of East Germany, the former Yugoslavia and western countries, such as The Netherlands.

The project „The Future of Work“ will produce three short films about local situations in each country; Slovenia, Germany and The Netherlands. The fourth documentary will offer an accurate insight into the structural changing in working and living conditions from the European perspective.

The Four short documentaries, interwoven into an interactive internet webstructure (, will be the result of the project. The aim of the web platform is to (re)connect individuals and companies and involve them into constructive debate about the Future of Work. The website and the films will be presented in spring 2015 in each of the participating countries: Slovenia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Watch here the trailer of ‘All Flex?’